About Us

Our Mission

Cowboy clothing contains craftsmanship and aesthetics, and is an important bearer of the cowboy spirit. Our mission is to fuse cowboy clothing with modern clothing to pass on and spread the cowboy spirit.

Western Cowboy Story Process

The image of the cowboy was born in the United States and became popular all over the world, and the resulting cowboy culture has a wide and far-reaching impact, becoming a widely recognized cultural symbol of Americans and deeply integrated into the spiritual life of Americans.

Cowboys retired from history in the late 1880s, when railroads were built on a massive scale, cattle trains replaced cowboy drives, cattle ranching was squeezed by sheep ranching, and the expansion of farming eventually brought an end to this storied era in less than a generation.

In American culture, cowboys are heroic figures with the freedom to choose their own destiny and distinctive personality traits, and this spirit of pioneers struggling for survival is the core of the American spirit.

Our Story

We're big fans of cowboy culture, but in an increasingly modern society, cowboy culture is not being passed on well, just like the line in the Yellowstone episode: It's called progress, John, and progress doesn't need your permission. We love cowboy culture, but we also worry that cowboy culture is not being passed on well.

In the middle of the last century, jeans became popular with western movies, and the jeans that appeared so often in the movies came into the lives of ordinary people and were processed by designers, crossing every kind of social classification we can think of, from workers to presidents, from students to rich businessmen, all wearing this relaxed and casual clothing.

Drawing on the development of jeans, we have come up with a way to integrate cowboy clothing with modern clothing, that is, after a series of processing, western clothing such as cowboy boots, cowboy scarves, plaid shirts and wide-brimmed hats into a style that can be matched with modern clothing, so as to retain the traditional western style, but also well combined with modern clothing. For example, we can wear cowboy boots with skirts, jeans, shirts, skirts or appear in weddings; and this is becoming a fashion. Cowboy neckerchief, plaid shirt and wide brimmed hat